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Academic Infrastucture

The library of the school is a big spacious hall and has a rich collection of over 10,000 books along with subscription to a number of leading periodicals s dailies. this collection is contantly updated with the latest editions of books.

The school has well equipped physics,biology,chemestry, home science and mathematics labs to support all the streams. in addition to this there are three fulledge computer labs with latest software and internet connectvity.

Music Room
With varienty of insutruments.children are imparted training in both instruments and vocal music.

Dance Room
Dance room is a place where budding artists of tomorrow undergo the training of classical,folk and westem dances.

~ Science Laboratory
The school has a laboratory block consisting of physics,chemestry and Biology labs with individual department room. Each lab is fully equipped and updated. The students are advised to take good care of the equipments/apparatus. while doing practical in chemestry and biology it is compulsory for them to wear the aprons and follw the safety rues.

Career Guidance Center:

To knock out all doubts that the students have in their minds when they are on the brink of choosing careers of themselves, a Career Guidance Centre has been set up in the school under the able guidance of the eminent career counsellors and experts in the field. It holds workshops and lectures throughout the year to acquaint students with unlimited options in various fields.

Educational Tours & Excursions:
Taking students out for picnics, educational and recreational excursions, museums, art galleries, exhibitions and also to watch movies of social relevance is part & parcel of education process at LPS.

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Academic Infrastucture